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ADP is developing a universal mobile application for the internal sales staff of ADP, enabling more direct access to sales metric, scheduled sales calls, and annual earnings reports. Sales Staff and Sales Managers can log in, and access sales metrics with equations developed from scratch by our developer, calendars with sales calls scheduled, quotas and percentage achieved, annual earnings, and much more. The core of this program is titled “Roll Call”, and contains many of the features listed above. The dashboard of the application includes a brief of Roll Call, earnings, company liabilities and sacrifices of economic benefits. The Roll Call also includes a share feature, allowing sales staff to share data with other sales teams/employees through social media. The application can retrieve data from as far back as 2014, in order to analyze and compare data. This application works for multiple divisions: branch office goals, manager of division(s) will track goals, team members, and team progress. This is an end to end sales application.

The Challenge

With development, there was lots of wrong data presented to the development team and the application is all about numbers, posing an issue because of the data discrepancy between data collection and information provided. The UX team had to collaborate with all levels (Managers, Senior Developers, Senior Salesmen) and requested constant feedback with thorough deliberation over what to display and what not to display. There were many iterations of the application, making the system robust and able to adapt to changes without disturbing the entire system and progress of sales teams.

The Solution

To solve many of these development issues, the development team implemented MVVM architecture, which is easy to modify if issues arise and code is loosely coupled so there’s little dependency. The development team, along with our Senior iOS Architect, went through many deliberating automation and testing processes to make sure functionality and data is correct. Specifically, they went through iterations of application versions, and had the Architect Lead work directly with customers and sales team to communicate issues.

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The Benefits

Because of this mobile application, ADP had a more streamlined platform for the sales team, with a more transparent system and efficient information collection. This mobile application makes business practices more efficient and the access to data much easier. Apple Watch implementation has also started, using one screen as Roll Call and the other as Earnings.