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Software Merchant Inc. Design and develop the Customer Discover mobile application. In order to digitize the mobile banking and retail payment-transaction processes, Discover employed the expertise of a mobile development team, including one of our Senior iOS Developers, to develop and maintain a front-end mobile application which would digitize the purchasing power and mobile banking processes. Discover implemented an SRC System in the application’s development and production version, which holds consumer information based on a consumer’s profile and cards associated with it. Our Senior Developer and the development team needed to create the iOS platform solution for this business challenge; our developer was focused on creating framework(s) to be used by retail merchants and subscribers of Discover services, and less about the front-end development.

The Challenge

During development, our developer’s main focus was on creating the framework-based solution which is the main objective for the back-end development. Our developer led and gave direction for this objective. The challenge was to successfully connect the “mobile handshake” between the iOS code and the web-based UI. This was a critical aspect to the success of the back-end system because the web-based UI and the webpage is constantly communicating with the iOS framework-based solution, but the webpage is conducting most of the data processing.

The Solution

The method of accomplishing these objectives was to create and implement an umbrella framework, which is essentially a framework being integrated within another framework. Instead of implementing and navigating the Safari browser, the application implements the web-browser inside the umbrella framework. SRC System, TMX Verification frameworks, and ThreatMatrix frameworks were integrated into this back-end system to optimize the functionality.

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The Benefits

Discover benefits in a myriad of ways from developing this mobile application. The primary goal of this application was to prevent the need of remembering or using a physical card for retail purchases, digitizing the purchasing power of the consumer. This application allows the consumer to have payment methods more readily available and access to more profile features of a Discover client, which is separate from the Apple Wallet platform. Discover’s application implements thorough framework development and processing power. In the development stages, the development team worked efficiently and provided more thorough documentation, guidelines, and version histories of development over GitHub. This will allow future maintenance and evolution of the mobile application much easier. Discover now has its own customer-base, including individual consumers and also new commercial businesses, providing efficient transaction processing and long-term partnerships