United Airline

United App

Software Merchant Inc. Design and develop the Customer United Airlines mobile application. Collaborated extensively with business partners to design, develop, and integrate user interfaces and services that meets business and consumer requirements. Development stages focused on iOS native programming skills, with the ability to influence innovation within the mobile space for exceptional consumer interaction with mobile application.

The Challenge

The challenge was to produce the consumer-ready application in a timely manner. United Airlines wants to replatform their existing mobile application to conform with the current industry standards by updating their existing application to the newest Swift version and provide a more agile, faster user experience while maintaining the existing user interface as much as possible. And because this mobile app is essentially being built again from a clean slate, the development team had to learn all necessary requirements, needed features, and team goals from the beginning, and additionally needed to familiarize with the old code base in order to integrate modern iOS and Swift coding from there.

The Solution

Worked closely with BA and UI designers to deliver both functionality and structured UI for the end-consumer, and incorporated design pattern and testing strategy to produce efficient results week to week. Worked closely with iOS developers to gather and deliver user requirements before implementation, and thoroughly design and clarify the business logic by using the best practices to implement the functions required. The entire application was divided into sub-modules and multiple teams worked on different modules to ensure faster delivery. The beta project has an expected completion timeline of six months, and application is expected to work on both iPad and iPhone platforms. Core frameworks used in this project include Core Data and Core Location, which are used to store data and provide location based services to Google Analytics.

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The Benefits

Development teams learned advanced iOS techniques both in UI design and business logic implementation. Developers improved bug-fixing techniques and utilize best practices to deliver high quality and scalable code. Core frameworks implemented help collect information and improve the application’s ability to better understand consumer needs and produce necessary feedback for developers, so development teams can maintain and push necessary updates.