About us

About Us

At Software Merchant, we excel at one thing above all others - building mobile apps that cause business breakthroughs. That's who we are, and that's what we do and that's what we have done hundred times for last 20 years.

Our company has the depth of enterprise experience to provide a complete solution for an organization to shift from web based applications and infrastructure to 21st century mobile computing platform. This could involve business process re-engineering, changing technologies, retaining legacy systems, integrating with some, build, deploy, and ultimately turn mobile strategies into real business returns.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Software Merchant is one of the enterprise focused mobile firms in Pennsylvania. We do not build games that result in a month-long working relationship; we take pride in becoming a valued, long-term team member of our clients. We help them navigate the ever-changing mobile landscape and become trusted advisors in many of their technology strategy decisions. Furthermore, no other mobile firm has the depth of enterprise experience to compete with our ability to help our clients build, deploy, and ultimately turn those mobile strategies into real business returns. We are not some upstart development shop with one or two "business apps" on our portfolio page - with over 100 successful client engagements under our belt, we truly are the enterprise experts.

Causing Business Breakthroughs

You can accomplish business breakthroughsvia several pathways: effective marketing, increased productivity, efficiency gains, closer customer interaction, etc. but no matter what, your app needs to either decrease cost or drive revenue growth. It needs to be intuitive and engaging such that your employees want to use the app you've developed for them. It needs to be both stable and reliable. It needs to accomplish a specific goal or help your company overcome a prior business obstacle. In short, it needs to make business sense. And at Software Merchant, that's exactly what we do - we make apps that cause business breakthroughs