Case Studies

The Macy's Retail App

Software Merchant Inc. developed the Macys Mobile App which is the easiest way to save time and money on the go. Macys iPhone app is the ultimate holiday shopping buddy! The Challenge - Macys, although extremely popular for its huge client base, didn’t have anything to rely on to meet the needs of all their customers exactly where they are! In this increasingly competitive mobile world of merchandizing, the management saw how it’s important to convert all their mobile customers into serious revenue. For this, they wanted to build an industry-leading mobile app to drive engagement and make it possible for their customers to stay in loop at the tip of their fingers. The Solution - The expert mobile developers of Software Merchant Inc built the entire mobile app enabling users to browse the entire site—anytime, anywhere with features that allowed potential customers to use the store locator to check their local Macys store hours other events. The users had access to special offers & in-store savings, registry, finding gifts for others, managing the personal account and also using the smart scan feature to get instant access to product details, prices, reviews & more.

The NYC Public School

Software Merchant Inc. developed an App for NYC Department of Education called PSAL. The PSAL-NYC iOS app allows parents and students to enjoy a more user friendly app featuring high school sports, featuring: scores, stats, standings and more! About PSAL The mission of the Public Schools Athletic League is to provide opportunities to educate students in physical fitness, character development and socialization skills through an athletic program that fosters teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship. Established in 1903, the PSAL is the longest running scholastic athletic program in the country. The Challenge The management team of NYC Department of Education needed to change the requirements for the App features multiple times during the process of development. This caused the team of iOS developers to discuss if any discrepancies arose during the development and let the management know the same. The Solution Software Merchant Inc developed the entire app sooner than the stipulated time frame by successfully adding all the features needed in the app. Several discussions were held wherein the developers gave their views on the changes proposed by the management and accommodated all aspects desired in the app. The iOS developers fixed production issues, enhanced the architecture and flow of the app, further enhanced the user interface and deployed the app in the App store, followed by testing.

Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball organization, the oldest of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. A total of 30 teams now play in the American League (AL) and National League (NL), with 15 teams in each league. The Challenge - The management of Major League Baseball (MLB) had a new project to be completed among many other ongoing projects for their website and another website called They needed a new team to manage the EBIS2 application which is where Software Merchant Inc stepped in. The Solution - Software Merchant Inc. deployed their team of senior Java developers along with Business Analysts, architects and testers to carry out and manage this new application.

Barclay's Card Financial App

Software Merchant Inc. developed an iOS version of Barclaycard’s Customer experience Magazine, which allows their customers to access every issue of the magazine directly on the iPad. The Challenge - Senior Management at Barclay wanted to launch a mobile application on the App store to make their customers updated on industry news, blogs, available on a mobile platform. The Solution - Software Merchant Inc developed a simple application only for iPads, within a span of one month, where all the updates of customer experience magazine are made available on a common mobile platform, without the need to click and scroll through several pages of archives on the homepage of the Barclaycard website. Some of the core functionalities of the UI include the collection view page - where users can subscribe to or read any magazine of their choice and the Newsstand framework – which saves each downloaded issue onto a library folder.


XFINITY Connect is the go-to spot to stay connected with family and friends. It allows easy checking of emails, voicemails and managing your address book and calendar – all in one convenient place, from any computer with an internet connection. The Challenge - Comcast wanted to give their customer a unique experience of being with them apart from providing cable connections. They also wanted to add features like calls, text messages, voicemail, emails, video calling on iPads for a seamless communication with customers at all times. The Solution - Software Merchant Inc helped implement a solution in the form of the XFINITY Connect mobile app, which included features like Voice2 Go with this features customers can make unlimited voice calls. This enabled sending and receiving free unlimited text messages to the U.S., Canada, Mexico and over 40 other countries using your home phone number and iPad. They can make Video call other XFINITY voice subscribers. With this app turn any device into a personal TV screen anywhere in your home. It’s now possible to stream any channel live, watch XFINITY on Demand and access your DVR shows on your tablet, smartphone or computer. Plus, you can download your recordings to watch on mobile devices, even when you're offline.


Software Merchant Inc. developed the Costco Mobile App which is the easiest way to save time and money on the go. The Challenge - To get rid of the old database was to be shut down, so that there is no redundant data. The cognos reports pointed at data from the old database, which needed to be replaced with oracle. It was imperative to redesign the system to point towards the new database so that Costco’s data is secured and reliable. The Solution - Software Merchant Inc considered the amalgamation of 5 developers, a technical lead, a project manager and 3 Quality Analysts to execute the project. In order to get rid of the old database, the team worked on replacing it with Oracle so that the cognos reports point to Oracle instead, thereby ensuring that there is no duplication of data anywhere.

Quest Diagnostics

Software Merchant Inc developed an App for Quest Diagnostics on the iPad platform which is used by patients to view their reports, make an appointment, pay bills & seek communication. The Challenge - Patients needed a tool which they could use to make an appointment, procure and keep track of lab reports, share health information. This prompted the dire need of a mobile technology for carrying out all these activities in more convenient ways. The Solution - Software Merchant Inc developed an iPad application for patients which will help them receive easy-to-understand Quest Diagnostics lab results anytime, anywhere. Schedule their next Quest Diagnostics lab appointment and find the nearest Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center location. Conveniently and easily share get their information via e-mail or fax. All of this is being done without the use of any internet, hence making this an amazing ‘Online-Offline System’. Once the information has all been written down while being offline, it is saved on a central database, the SQL Lite Database, using internet.

United Healthcare

Software Merchant Inc. developed iOS Apps for two projects of United Healthcare wherein the team of developers enabled customers to enjoy a time-saving way of health care management, a mobile application designed to help customers find all the facilities they need on the go. The Challenge - The management of United Healthcare wanted their customers to be able to access physicians and pharmacies as per geographical location, check the status of a claim, manage prescriptions or estimate your health care costs, and create a go-to resource for everything related to customers’ health plan. The Solution - Software Merchant Inc developed an iOS driven application for iPads and iPhones called ‘Health4Me’ within a span of one month, where the app used location search feature to find a physician or a facility near the user- making it mobile as it gets. The largest network of doctors is now available at the command of the user. The user can email the Health plan ID and check medical spending accounts, being rest assured that all the information is confidential. The built-in cost-estimator makes health options easily comparable and simplified.

The Aero Magazine

Software Merchant devloped an iOS version of Boeing's Aero Magazine, which allows their customers to access every issue of the magazine directly on the iPad The Aero Magazine The AERO magazine is published quarterly by Boeing Commercial Airplanes and is distributed at no cost to operators of Boeing commercial airplanes. AERO provides operators with supplemental technical information to promote continuous safety and efficiency in their daily fleet operations and also provides information on the latest technology functions and carriers being developed at Boeing. The Challenge Senior Management at Boeing wanted to launch a mobile application on the App store to make all issues of the magazines you might have read on the flight, available on a mobile platform. Software Merchant Software Merchant is well positioned in the Mobility segment of the outsourced product engineering market. We provide cost effective and efficient Mobile application solutions by using best practices and employing a smart combination of experts from our worldwide pool of resources. We bring in local consultants with domain expertise to better understand the business and ensure seamless communication with our clients. Case Study The Solution

Boston Public Schools

Teacher review and feedback system developed on iPad platform, used by school Principal and managers for paperless evaluation of teacher performance. Educator Development & Feedback System The Educator Development & Feedback System is the online educator performance evaluation system for Boston Public Schools. The purpose of the EDFS is to serve as a vehicle for educators and administrators to view and record every step of the evaluation process and to facilitate communication between educators and evaluators about opportunities for development. By housing performance and development information in one place, the district can facilitate more timely feedback and easier access to resources that educators will be able to access consistently throughout and beyond the evaluation cycle. The Challenge Senior management needed a tool which they could use as they went to attend a class of each teacher in the school, as a part of teacher feedback and evaluation. It would be difficult to go to several classrooms every day with a bulky computer or several sheets of paper. This situation demanded the use of some technology, perhaps with the use of an iPad, which is regarded as convenient to carry around and easy to record information.

Commenwealth of PA Air Watch

PennDot Implementation of MDM at PennDOT via AirWatch PennDOT The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is in charge of all transportation issues for the state of Pennsylvania. Driver and Vehicle services, Emissions, are some of the main services which come under PennDOT's umbrella. PennDOT are all about efficiency and each employee is expected to have a mobile device with the capability of exchanging real time information. The company was in need of a tool which would act as a connection between your office and your mobile device. At the same time, accessing corporate resources from a mobile device can introduce a significant threat to corporate security. Considering all security issues, PennDOT decided to implement a tool called AirWatch. The Challenge Three years ago, PennDOT decided to implement mobile app technology as they wanted to communicate with their employees at remote sites by pushing data onto their phones in real time. Once they implemented mobile technology, the next concern was security of sensitive information. PennDOT was not sure how they could manage all this information in a safe manner when BYOD (Bring your own device) had become so popular. The concern of losing data due to lost phones or reset passwords was always lingering.

Common Wealth of PA GOOD

Good Technology Implementation of Good Technology at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Commonwealth of Pennsylvania The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the government structure of the state of Pennsylvania, located at Harrisburg. It has 48 departments for all government agencies in the state of Pennsylvania, including the PennDOT, Vehicle registration services, employment, financial and tax services to name a few. They have recently started using the mobile platform to transfer all their company Enterprise data on the iPad and iPhone platform. One of the big challenges they faced during this process was security of their data. The Challenge Security in mobile devices has become the need of the hour. The whole umbrella of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was in need of a secure data encryption service, primarily for sensitive company data like company emails and other remote communication. This was during a period of transformation from Blackberry to iPhones or Androids and this posed a new challenge of needing a service with consistent user interface for all the different mobile platforms. This era of BYOD (Bring your own device) demanded the use of some cutting edge technology for securing company information. Software Merchant

DLTest Casestudy

PennDot using Software Merchant's Mobile Driver's License Application app to reduce the long waits at the Office PennDot The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is in charge of all transportation issues for the state of Pennsylvania. Driver and Vehicle services, Emissions, are some of the main services which come under PennDot's umbrella. PennDot has an online portal for Driver licenses and the services associated with it. Using this, one can schedule driving license test and update changes to one's profile (Exhibit 1). The Challenge Though the potential drivers test taker is able to schedule his or her driver's test online, the use of technology ends there. What would it be like to have an integrated platform to input all the data from the actual driving test, into a system, as and when the test is taken? The one potential challenge with approach would be that a laptop cannot be carried around during a driving test. The best solution for this would involve using tablets or mobile phone devices to carry around and have an application which allows the examiner to input data on the driver taking the test, as and when the test is being conducted. This application should have all driver information available, including the options for inputting data for each step of the

TMobile Tapestry

T-Mobile Implementation of Tapestry at T-Mobile T-Mobile USA T-Mobile is a mobile communications service company who provide wireless voice, messaging and data services. They are the fourth largest wireless network in the US and has been ranked highest among major wireless carriers for retail-store satisfaction four years in a row. As a part of Process Improvement in their retail stores, they have implemented mobile app technology to integrate all their web-based apps on a common platform to reduce turnover time for a customer. The Challenge T-Mobile sales representatives in stores were using computers to manage their enterprise data. They were also acting as customer service representatives, which involved moving around the store, to show the customers the various items on display. This led to a requirement to have something mobile which they could carry with them, to enter data or record sales, while showing the customers the different products in the store. The representatives wanted an integrated platform to access each of their several web-apps, used for recording sales, tracking serial and IMEI numbers and exploring various mobile plans. Software Merchant s


AT&T Implementation of Cannon Tag app using Bluetooth technology to track bots which identify network failures at Stadiums AT&T USA AT&T is an American Multinational telecommunications corporation, providing wireless data and voice services. AT&T is the largest provider of mobile networks in the USA and is headquartered at Dallas, Texas. AT&T has been a pioneer in network quality is are widely regarded as the provider with the best wireless network. One of AT&T's new initiatives is to track objects known as bots, which identify network failures and drops due to congestion in large spaces like stadiums. The Challenge AT&T have placed several bots in many stadiums, to track the performance of the AT&T network, to check for dropped calls or lost network for voice and data. They had many people stationed in the stadiums, to physically locate each of these bots when they needed to be monitored for a battery change or other maintenance. There were many instances when the people stationed were not able to locate these bots, leading to several dysfunctional bots. AT&T were in need of a technology used to locate these bots remotely to help enable easy tracking and identification. Software Merchant