Neeraj Mathawan

Neeraj Mathawan serves as President and CEO of Software Merchant Inc. Under his leadership, Neeraj drives the company's strategy and operations, and has become a provider for enterprise-level mobile technology, benefiting Government, Financial & Banking, Retail, Automotive & Aviation, Medical, Communication, and Energy industries. Prior to founding Software Merchant Inc., he launched a number of start-ups and raised funds from venture capital firms. He has patented many revolutionary technologies, and holds great impact on modern green emission legislation and mobile integration. He earned his MBA from the Temple Fox School of Business in 2007.

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Sales & Operation Manager

Steve Burdick

Steve Burdick oversees the Sales Division and Business Strategies of Software Merchant Inc. He drives operational improvements to Software Merchant through the implementation of efficient business practices and systems, as well as managing our Sales & IT Consulting divisions. Steve has accrued more than 13 years of Sales and Operational experience from the Transportation and Technology industries. He graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Finance, and earned an MBA from the Temple Fox School of Business in 2008.

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Business & Technology Development Lead

Naren Mathawan

Naren Mathawan, because of the great success of his father, has been intrigued and intertwined with all the fundamental aspects of Software Merchant Inc. as a business since his highschool years. Over the years, he has integrated himself into both the technology and business ends of the company. Today, Naren serves as the Business Development Lead, College Recruitment Lead, Staffing & Sales Consultant, and works alongside Neeraj to manage Operations of Software Merchant Inc.

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Naren Mathawan

Manager of Talent Acquisition

Kanchana Rajagopalan

Kanchana Rajagopalan serves as the Manager of Talent Acquisition of Software Merchant Inc., giving direction and support to our Staffing Consultant team. As Manager of Talent Acquisition, she coordinates with our candidates for open positions available at our Fortune500 & Fortune1000 client locations across the United States. Kanchana carries many previous years of experience in the IT Recruitment industry, including abilities in managing full-cycle recruitment processes, that brings valuable insight to the table. She works diligently with our clients to acquire fair rates for our experienced candidates, and tailors her efforts to meet any and all location, client, and employment requests. She also maintains and organizes our database for the various job positions available in a given quarter.

Kanchana Rajagopalan