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Mobility Consulting

We work with you to create your organization Mobility strategy. Whether it is – Designing mobile app that makes business sense, or Blackberry Migration to iPhone and Android Phones or Certifying a device for your organization, or which email client is best native or GOOD, or how to enroll bulk devices in MDM, or what tools does your organization need to develop mobile apps, or how do we publish and update mobile applications to a fleet of devices. Our mobility strategy assessment engagement is designed to provide your organization a complete 360 degree overview of:-

  • Application Development Life Cycle
  • Device Management Life cycle

Our mobility consulting practice is focused on a complete solution for an organization to shift from web based applications and infrastructure to 21st century mobile computing. This involves business process re-engineering, changing technologies and yet retaining legacy systems and integrating with them.

Our mobility consulting practice starts with an assessment process which is less than 2 weeks long engagement. During this assessment process we identify and conceptualize existing systems and create a 21st century mobility strategy.

Our consulting practice hands over the strategy blue print for execution to you and at that time you can decide to choose our company or your own staff, or a 3rd party to execute on that strategy.

Mobility Staffing

Our mobility consultants can join your organization mobile apps development and mobile device management teams on-site as temp contractors. They can build enterprise applications which can integrate with your existing infrastructure and applications.

They can setup mobility infrastructure quickly, either as a cloud or on premise deployment for mobile device management. They can run SCRUM meetings, create wireframes, design solutions, create architecture, or write code to integrate your mobile apps with the following platforms, applications, systems and infrastructure:-

  • Active Directory, Exchange Email
  • Mainframe, DB2, Oracle and SQL Server
  • CRM, Help Desk and Financial Systems
  • Read more
  • Content Management e.g. Sharepoint
  • VPN, SCEP, Other Infrastructure
  • .NET, Java, WAS Servers

Mobility Training

What is Mobility Training?

Mobility training is a group training program to help people learn how to develop mobile apps for Apple iPad and iPhone using iOS app development, Objective-C, & XCode.

The mobility training program is available and provided on monthly basis, please call +1 610 482 4402 or email at

We have:
  • Trained 50+ candidates in 2013
  • Trained 19 companies/agencies in 2013
  • 100% customer satisfaction
Who will conduct the Mobility Training?

A qualified mobility specialists from our company will provide the mobile application development training you need. Our trainers will work with you to make sure it is as convenient for you.